Instance-Level Recognition Workshop


Instance-Level Recognition Workshop is a follow-up of two successful editions of the Landmark Recognition Workshop at CVPRW18 and CVPRW19 . While the previous editions focused solely on landmarks, the new Instance-Level Recognition workshop will consider three domains, artwork, landmarks and products.

Landmark Recognition Challenge

Label landmarks in image.

Landmark Retrieval Challenge

Given an image, can you find all of the same landmarks in a dataset?

Artwork Recognition Challenge

Recognize the artwork in photos.

Product Retrieval Challenge

Given an image containing product, can you find all images of the product in a dataset?

Challenge Timeline

Challenge Launching

Jul. 1 2020

Challenge Deadline

Final Submission

Aug. 17 2020


Held with ECCV’20

Aug. 28 2020

Workshop Schedule


Invited Speakers

Diane Larlus

Senior Research Scientist at NAVER LABS Europe


Ping Luo

Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong



Andre Araujo

Software Engineer, Google (Primary Contact)

Cam Askew

Software Engineer, Google

Bingyi Cao

Software Engineer, Google

Ondrej Chum

Associate Professor, Czech Technical University

Bohyung Han

Associate Professor, Seoul National University

Guangxing Han

Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Columbia University

Torsten Sattler

Associate Professor, Chalmers University of Technology

Jack Sim

Software Engineer, Google

Giorgos Tolias

Assistant Professor, Czech Technical University

Tobias Weyand

Software Engineer, Google

Xu Zhang

Applied Scientist, Amazon Alexa

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